Where Haunting Legends Come Alive!

Thank you for supporting the 16th Annual Ghost Talk Festivities!

October 27 to October 29, 2022

Celebrate Halloween and Día de Los Muertos

Ghost Talk

All proceeds from Ghost Talk go to youth programming and scholarships!

Our cabaret will be filled variety of spooky tales of ghosts, both fact and fiction! You will also meet our helpful guide who will take you through some history of Día de Los Muertos.

On Saturday, there will also be a fun courtyard experience before the show! Starting at 4pm, you can join us outside the theater for games, crafts, tarot card readings, a costume sale and tours of the new studio theater.

October 27 & 28 at 7:30pm
October 29 at 2:00pm
In The Studio theater

Thank you to our Ghost Talk 2022 Sponsors!

Community Ofrenda

Join us in honoring those that came before us with our community ofrenda in front of the theater.

An important part of Día de los Muertos is honoring our loved ones who have passed with an altar. Pictures and other memorabilia representing who this person was in life are placed onto the altar in order to guide their spirit to visit us where we are celebrating.

For Ghost Talk we will have a community ofrenda outside of the theater. This altar will stay up from the beginning of October to November 2, and all members of our community are free to leave items honoring their loved ones. You just need to provide the frame and your picture can go anywhere on the altar, along with anything else you'd like to leave. Come to Ghost Talk with your items or drop them off early so we can put them up for you. We can also make a color photocopy of your original photos if needed.

Contact Sylvia Ximi for more info at graphics@pca-az.net

Previous Year's Ghost Talk

Original Film Showcase

The Hauntcation

Written and directed by Robert Zinni

Starring Carie Hughes, Anthony Veniziano, Natalia Stepanova

After a long year, or a long lifetime, what you need is a good vacation. But have you ever wondered what a vacation might look like from the after life? This next piece considers just that. Watch it here

The Legend of the Dynamite Demon of Whiskey Row

Written and directed by Karen Murphy

Starring Ered Matthew

Ghost Talk has been raising funds for youth programming at Suze’s PCA for 14 years now, and has gone through many transformations. Long time fans of Ghost Talk will remember the delightful productions Karen Murphy wrote and directed on different PCA stages over the span of 8 years. This next piece is a monologue that you may remember from productions past, starring an actor who played the part live a few years ago. Watch it here

The House on Mount Vernon

Written and directed by Michelle Edwards

Starring Starring Mary Rizk, Jonathan "JP" Perpich, and Patrick DuHaime

There are all kinds of cool old buildings around this area of town. Like right down the street on Mount Vernon, where a number of you probably went trick or treating this year. This film is about a house right around the corner from us, and how the spooky ambiance of an old home can really get to your paranoid side sometimes. Watch it here

The Expert

Written and directed by BC Bartels

Starring Heidi Hampton and Geoff Moore

Being a new homeowner can be stressful! There’s maintenance and insurance and pest control and, ugh! Imagine adding a haunting on top of that. Now imagine adding eight hauntings. When you’re dealing with poltergeist activity in your new home, you need help from someone who really knows what they are doing. Watch it here

Medium Well Done

Written and directed by BC Bartels

Starring Starring Candi Ford Snow, April Manchester-Miller, John Arata, Barry Hegrenes

Everybody needs someone to talk to, even ghosts. In this next film, Madame Morgan, the Ghost Psychologist, visits a local hotel for a session with the resident haunting. Watch it here

Lotería Mística

Written and directed by Sylvia Ximi

*Voted Audience Favorite*

Starring Carlos Luna, Melissa Luna, David Wauters, Laura Vazquez Wauters, Gloria Amaro, and Sonya Wauters

La familia es todo, even whent hey don’t share their lotería candy with you or keep bugging you about ghosts. The writer of this next film actually wrote the scrip taround a real conversation recorded with her grandmother about family stories, ancestors, and lost loved ones. Watch it here