Soar with the Arts: Sponsor the Atrium Mobile

The mobile you see above you was created by Prescott artist Paul Landis. Especially made for this unique space inside our Studio Theater, it's Calder-esque style is based on simplicity: three basic shapes, positive and negative space, and strong color. The artist was inspired by the idea of a space for the performing arts being graced by a piece of art that itself performs.

For a $10,000 donation to Suze's Prescott Center for the Arts, you receive:

  • Naming rights for the mobile, which is permanently installed in the Atrium
  • A dedication plaque with your name on it in the Studio Building lobby
  • A duplicate mobile (at 1/3 scale) for your home or office, professionally installed by Paul Landis
  • The satisfaction of an amazing contribution to the Fine Arts for the Prescott Community

Every third Saturday of the month, Paul's Studio is open to the public and patrons may go see the scale model in person! 697 6th St #100, Prescott, AZ 86301

For further information contact our Gallery Manager, Dandelion Venture at

Paul Landis is a former aviation executive who called Alaska home before moving to Prescott. In a life devoted to motion and change, it was only natural for him to create 3-D mobile art that literally and constantly moves and changes. Each element in a mobile is on its own path but each is also drawn to others in precise, yet unpredictable ways as they respond to air, gravity, and light. Paul works in varying thicknesses of aluminum, aircraft-grade riveting, structural wires of aluminum or stainless steel, and acrylic paint. The interaction of solid materials with ephemeral air currents is a precise, mesmerizing, yet imperfect mix of science and art. Paul sees balance as the key to harmony and freedom.