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​It is the mission of the Prescott Center for the Arts to create opportunities for the ​greater community to engage in and experience all facets of the arts.

Diversity Statement: PCA adheres to a number of guidelines to ensure an inclusive, discrimination-free environment. As an equal opportunity organization committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. We do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin or disability in our employment policies, programs and activities. We actively outreach to a variety of places (churches, schools, nonprofits) to find more ethnic and cultural individuals to participate in on-going programs. Scholarships and innovative carpooling for youth programming are available to assist for different circumstances to increase overall participation and diversity.


Executive Director
Robyn Allen

Box Office Manager
Brandon Gabaldon

Gallery Manager
Dandelion Venture

Heather DeSousa

Facilities Manager
Stan Reed‍

Patron Services
Suzy Campbell

Technical Director
Silas Hall

Production Manager
Ed Gates

Board of Directors

Dana Murdock, President

Ali Cassidy, Past-President

Jon Haass, Secretary

Dave Newman, Treasurer

Trinidad Pecho

208 N. Marina Street
Prescott, AZ
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Our Programs

Summer Series & Youth Programming

PCA Repertory Theatre offers several plays during the summer.  In addition, there is a summer youth program for young actors to prepare and perform a play or musical on stage.  This includes the opportunity for learning all aspects of theatre performance, on stage and back stage.


We honor our all the friends and volunteers of Prescott Center for the Arts. These individuals supported community arts for many years and we are forever grateful.

Please note:  Listings are in alphabetic order.  If you notice an error or omission, please contact us.

Don Arbogast

Perry Armin

Art Arment

Mildred Atwell

Jean Barber

Karen Baxter

Elsie Blanton

Janis Best

Bernice Boxell

Paul Boxell

Norma Burhans

Ken Byers

Dorothy Chafin

​Robert D. Charlesworth

Frank Cisneros

​Kim Decapite

Tedd De Long

Jack Dillard

Mark Duke

Mary Ann Dutton

​Julie Ertl

Glenn Ellis

Bruce Fee

Elaine Farrar

​Greg Fine

Gail Folsom

Carol Fulkerson

Sharon Fulmer

Arlene Gackle

Bryan Gackle

Katherine Gosney

Carolee Gray

Lou Grosso

Dan Gugler

David Haynes

Ann Hazeltine

Norma Hazeltine

Kay Hirsch

Zach Hirsch

George Hughes

John Hurtado

Joe Jackson

Susan Jackson

Milt Johnson

Linda Jordan

Ted Jordan

Lindsay Kohlweck Kaufman

Thomas Kayn

Dorothy Keilt

Joyce Kirkpatrick

David La Noue

Les Lambert

Cela Langford

Ted Liese

Gai Liese

Mike Lippincott

Layne Longfellow

Veronica Lopez

Virginia and Anthony Luchek

​Marlene Luckman

Janet Maissen

Jack May

​Ralene Metcalf

Harold Minuskin

Jane Morgan

Mary Newman

Dana Nichols

Gwen Nichols

Kathy Payne

David Pickett

Edgar Porsche

Charlie Pratt

Helen Rahley

Bill Ramsay

JoAn Ramsay

Anne Ravey

Allen Rosenberg

Anthony Saverino

Larry Schader

Nancy Schader

Paula Shulak

Rick Selby

John Serano

Dick Setz

Richard Shanower

John Shenefield​

Jerusha (Soleil) Solomon

Mary Ann Sorrell

Terry Sullivan

Glenn Taylor

Johnny Thomas

Doug Tomlinson

Ethel Tyson

Jim Vaughn

Herb Voss

Celia Webb

Susie Webb

Rich Whitehead

Marie Whitmore

Rick Wilson

Richard Wolfe

Anna Wood

Robert Wright